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Sony PS-LX510 linear turntable

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Sony PS-LX510 linear turntable

Postby BMRR » 21 Oct 2013 18:02

What's a fair price for one of these in good condition? I tried looking at completed listings on eBay but couldn't find anything.

Also, are these generally reliable or should I avoid them? I'm intrigued by the concept and the purported lack of distortion, but it seems like they've just about gone the way of the dodo bird and I would assume there's probably a good reason for that...?
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Re: Sony PS-LX510 linear turntable

Postby fscl » 22 Oct 2013 03:20

Was curious so was snooping around the net and found this: ... 7675.l2557

$55...... :shock: :shock:

If working this was a stea..... I mean deal.

Here's another.....:

This unit was probably direct competition to the Technics cover supported tonearm utilizing T4P / P - Mount cartridges.

I believe they are fairly reliable, unless they've been completely abused, it should be the usual stripping of the old greases, relube with modern lubricants and replacing worn tonearm drive belts to get the unit working. Every once in a while, the bulb / light for the automatic record size detection system has to be replaced. If the vertical cueing electric linear motor is shot, then it may involve more troubleshooting than the usual turntable.

These units may have fallen out of favor due to the limited availability / selection of T4P cartridges. Conversely, setup of this turntable is basically plug and play and should sound pretty good right out of the box.

The links above are used for reference only, no affiliation.

Good luck.

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Re: Sony PS-LX510 linear turntable

Postby tomez2 » 02 Nov 2013 16:17

I just picked up a Vintage Sony PS-LX520, never used - perfect condition on ebay for $100.00. Not cheap, but it is new. Also, the Technics linears are great little tables. I have 2 used ones. I paid $13 for one, and $5.50 for the other. Some windex, rubbed out the lid, put an excellent CHEAP AT p-mount in each. A lot of bang for the buck. The issue with these linear trackers is tone arm travel. actually it is usually a matter of the little drive belt and dried lubricate, which is moderately easy to address.
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