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Bozak B302a

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Bozak B302a

Postby JackDH » 29 Jul 2012 05:58

Just ran across a pair of Bozak speakers for sale and am curious.These are "old fashioned" boxy style as opposed to the more resent "tower" style. Since I am late to this hobby I am wondering how the Bozaks stand up to today's better thought of speakers. I read an article which indicated they worked quite well with SS amps.I did note that the crossover network had enormous "L"'s compared to those I have seen in more modern units.
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Re: Bozak B302a

Postby pivot » 29 Jul 2012 17:15

Been years and years since hearing a pair.

I recall a pleasent, midrange forward, presentation, BUT this was a long time back.

I'd plan to replace all caps in the crossover with updated units - it's a good bet existing caps are way out of spec. If you Google around there seems to be a number of other forums that suggest crossover upgrades.

Dunno about solid state - I'd want to hear 'em with rehab'ed vintage tube amp like a nice push-pull EL-84 based Fisher or Scott, the sort of kit they were orignally designed around.
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Re: Bozak B302a

Postby Whitneyville » 12 Aug 2012 10:05

The tweeters can be improved with modern soft dome tweeters, but you'll need a totally redesigned cross-over for the new tweeters, but as Pivot mentioned, that's not really a bad idea anyway. My piano teacher had a pair of these fed by a pair of MacIntosh mono amps (15-20 watts each) and a Mac pre-amp and of course a turntable, and they sounded very nice in the studio with the two grands in it. The big 10 and 12" woofer Bozaks' are forgotten gems. They're big boxes, and they aren't in style today (neither is a 1969 Dayton 500 Hemi, but it'll still top 180 MPH stone-stock, and seat 5 fat adults and hold $400-500 worth of airline checked luggage in the trunk and a dead body too).
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Re: Bozak B302a

Postby » 20 Aug 2012 23:09

Go to the Bozak owners site on the yahoo groups

You will find everything Bozak that you want to know and the members there are very friendly and helpful. I have a pair of 302a s as well as two pair of the large
B4000 Symphonies and would be glad to help.

Bob in Denver
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Re: Bozak B302a

Postby hardbop33 » 21 Aug 2012 19:11

Audio Karma (AK) has some great threads on the Bozak 302A. I found a pair a year or so ago and only recently followed the directions at AK to build Pat Tobin 104T crossovers for the Bozaks - sound was great! Only problem for me was I realized one of my tweeters is toast and I need a replacement before I can decide if they are keepers in my system. Total cost of the crossover parts was around $200 from Parts Express - well worth it.
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