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Tannoy eclipse speakers

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Tannoy eclipse speakers

Postby Fishtails » 20 May 2012 11:45

Hi people

Jsut picked upa free pair of these speakers.

Wondering if anyone has the same and anyones point of view on them.

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Re: Tannoy eclipse speakers

Postby trockfield » 29 Jul 2012 21:25

Hi there, I've had a pair of these speakers since about 1989; every time I think about replacing them I fail to find anything that I'm convinced I'd be as happy with. Everything else in my hi-fi set up has changed (amp, CD player), and the only components I've added are a DACmagic (for playing from my laptop) and a fairly cheap bass sub (also Tannoy). The Eclipses are still going strong and they deliver a warm rich sound - I love them!
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Re: Tannoy eclipse speakers

Postby 13oots2 » 30 Jul 2012 09:38

I started out my recent re-exploration into hifi with some Tannoy F1's and was very impressed for the price, they improved considerably with some nice weighty stands. I defected for a short while to some Monitor Audio speakers and am now back to Tannoy in the form of some 611's, the company has a long history of producing really good loudspeakers.

Unless I could afford some 15" Dual Concentric Tannoys I can't see me upgrading for a long time.
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