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Thales Tonearm Turntable - Ttt

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Thales Tonearm Turntable - TTT

Postby JackX » 08 Apr 2011 18:12

Even though my system is more of a home theater setup, what I enjoy the most is spinning LP's. I used to have a Technics SP10 mkII with a Dynavector DV505 arm & pu - played marvelous in my sitting room. But I was under the spell having two tonearms, one for classical records - and one for jazz. I was intrigued by a revolutionary new arm design, "Thales" - made by the young genius Micha Huber of Switzerland. This arm was rumoured to be brilliant with nearly all kinds of music, but in particular classic. I called him, he came over, and sat down in my living room, drawing in a CAD-program of his this on my Technics plinth:


As you can see, the arm would have conflicted with the Dynavector arm, so the idea of having two arms on that turntable was turned down. I put the Technics player up on the dust shelf for later use.

But I was still adamant having a two arms turntable, so I bought a Thales arm from Micha (through his agent in my country) and I turned to Hanss T-60, this time with SME V Gold & Thales arm:


This combo was'n very successful, to say the least. In order to accomodate the Thales arm and its base, the manufacturers at Hanss had to take a few shortcuts .. of which I won't tire you with now. But Hanss by itself is one great turntable.

Micha Huber then proposed an idea he had had for some time: why wouldn't I consider his new project, the Thales Tonearm Turntable, TTT. That turntable would be custom made for both his arms, the Thales I already had bought - and his new arm coming up, Simplicity. From the early CAD sketches I could clearly see a very laid back design, no fuss or extravagance beyond what is an absolute minimum. The TTT appealed to me.
One year later, the TTT stands in my rack, playing music like I never have heard before:


On the Thales arm sits a Lyra Titan "i" - a wonderful pick for playing clasical records:


For the Simplicity I found a great pu for jazz (and rock, pops etc) in EMT Jubilee Series. I've got both JSD 5 and JSD 6, changing between them whenever I feel for it.

Micha Huber strongly suggested I should lend ear to the Greek firm Ypsilon for their step up and RIAA. I had a chance listening to it on a few occasions, and I was struck by its dynamics, macro- and micro abilities. So I went for the full package: This is their double, custom made MC stepup. It has a little button I can use to switch between the two PU's, without having to change any cables or anything. Very handy for AB-listening (if I should feel for it, and I do :wink: )


This is an image of some of the hardware in my setup. On top you will see the TTT. Right under, on the left, Krell's CD/SACD-player EVO 505. Next to it Marantz UD 9004 BluRay, DVD and-what-not player. On the next shelf, on the left in the image, is Ypsilon VPS-100 RIAA. I guess I'm not too far from the truth when I say that the VPS-100 is amongst the top-5 riaa's of this world. Anyway, it's a brilliant piece of work. Next to it is my pre/pro - Krell EVO 707 - the hub in my setup. Bottom, left - Thor Power Distribution System. Finite Pagode Master Reference rack


My room:

I've acoustically treated my room, but the work isn't quite done yet. The rest of my gear comes from Krell: speakers (LAT 1, LAT 2, LAT Center, Master Reference Subwoofer MRS), amplifiers (EVO 600's and 403). Cables (IC, phono, CAST, spkrs) are all Zensati.



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Postby davidsss » 09 Apr 2011 02:17

Wow, that is some system. I have often wondered why more arms don't try that trick of altering the cart angle for the length of the record to really get rid of tracking error. I figure it wouldn't be the easiest thing to get right and ensure that it stays correct but should be possible.


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Re: Thales Tonearm Turntable - Ttt

Postby ProfTournesol » 27 Mar 2013 11:18

JackX, I suppose that you've had the Thales turntable long enough to post some listening impressions? :)

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