Wanted: SME 3009 tonearm

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Wanted: SME 3009 tonearm

Post by Ungawa » 10 Jun 2018 21:00


This is my first attempt to trade some extra items I have... First of all, I'm located in Barcelona and postage is expensive as hell here, so I'd rather stick to trades in Europe.

I need a SME 3009 tonearm with detachable headshell for my Thorens 125 turntable.

Got a few things for trade:

-Thorens 125 mk2 turntable which needs some work.
-Lenco L70 mk2 with original tonearm and sonotone stylus (grey platter/green rubber).
-Philips Auto Mignon turntable (you'll be able to play your 45's while driving!).
-ADC Alt-1 tonearm.

Let me know if you're interested... I'll try to add some pictures tomorrow.

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