Technica SL 6 trouble

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Purana Pandit
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Technica SL 6 trouble

Post by Purana Pandit » 04 Jul 2019 13:04

Dear friends
I have got a chance to grab SL 6 today, so while I plugged it and powered it on , observations are as below:
1. As soon as power is switched on all the lights of program keys light up and stay.
2. Tonearm is to most right position and platter keeps running at 32 rpm ( not 33.3), No movement in tonearm.
3. Even the lid is picked up while TT is running it does not stop or cut off the platter motor.
4. I managed to remove the tonearm motor belt by reading few threads here and it has become rock solid. So installed a new one in there..
Still the problems mentioned above remain...How to proceed further..Please provide guidelines.


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Re: Technica SL 6 trouble

Post by musicmn » 05 Jul 2019 22:02

Hi, there are a lot of electronics in these turntable as you undoubtedly know and anything could be failing at this time. As long as the rail that the tonearm travels on has been cleaned of old grease and lightly greased with fresh grease. And the worm gear and associated parts have also been cleaned of old grease and fresh grease applied. Then I would suspect that something in the electronics is bad or failing. Turntables that continue to run even when the tonearm is at rest is usually caused by old dried up grease somewhere in the mechanism. It can even be caused by a bad or dirty micro switch used to turn the turntable on and off. But in these linear tracking turntable it can be anything. My advice would be to download the service manual if it's available in the library on this site and give it a good read through. Hopefully it has some trouble shooting instructions.

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