Servicing the papst gyrodec motor

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Servicing the papst gyrodec motor

Post by piydek » 11 Mar 2019 14:04

Hello to vinylengine community.

I need advice regarding the servicing of the original papst motor for the Gyrodec (I use it with gyropower PSU). Today I've tried to clean my papst motor and apply a drop of oil on the shaft on top of which the pulley is located.

However, during this process, a green wire that leads to the switch has snapped at the place of where it was soldered to the switch.

I've found that all of these wires are quite prone to breaking, probably because of their age. Is it advisable to change all of these wires and also, is it doable? I'd like to restore this motor to as good a condition as possible and now is the time to do it.

Has anyone done anything similar to this?

Here is a reference photo where the snapped green wire can be seen:

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Servicing the papst gyrodec motor

Post by blakep » 12 Mar 2019 17:53

I've had to re-solder connections at the motor a few times over the years with my AC Gyro (probably manufactured sometime around 1981-I've owned it since the mid 80's) including in the past few months when I upgraded the suspension.

My motor is mounted front left as I have two arms so I'm also running out of wire because it has been fully extended from the rear of the table. The tech I had do the work recently simply spliced and soldered an additional piece of similar gauge wire (it was the green I needed extended as it had snapped off at its connection point to the motor) to allow enough to comfortably make the connection.

Works perfectly now. I would not replace all the wiring.

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Re: Servicing the papst gyrodec motor

Post by gwernaffield » 22 Jun 2019 17:00

this was a reply from michell with regards to servicing the Papst motor
The old AC motors have two sintered bearings. If they have dried out then they can be oiled but they won’t be the same as before they dried out, you might get a year or two before they will need doing again. You really need to strip the motor down to lubricate it because if you oil it from the top, it could make the motor noisy, as you will be lubricating the series of washers on the top of the motor and they can then begin to vibrate. You can try using something thin like ZX1 or WD40.

The best thing would be to send it to us, so we can then replace the washers and circlip etc. and give it a good clean out and lubrication.

If you are using a QC power supply with it, make sure you turn the QC off when not in use. The QC has a current path to keep the motor warm, over a long period of time this will speed up the bearings drying out.

here is a reply from Michell ..

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