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Re: Audio interface manufacturers / products

Post by lini » 16 May 2019 17:12

13hm13 wrote:
09 Apr 2019 04:48
(...) I believe he noted using and older Terrratec (from 2002). It may be the same DMX6Fire.
Rather not, because the USB model wasn't yet available back then. So it probably rather was the original ESS-based DMX, the Crystal-based Xfire or more likely (especially if your "from 2002" would refer to the product introduction rather than to when the guy bought/got it) the ICE/VIA-Envy24-based DMX 6fire 24/96 (with the drive-bay module) or the "light" variant thereof, the DMX 6fire LT.

Personally I remember the DMX 6fire 24/96 (and LT) as better sounding than whichever was Creative's current Audigy generation at that time - however, irrc, the 6fire 24/96 relied on purely analogue audio signal transmission between the card and the drive-bay module, while the Audigy would do it digitally, which made Creative's solution more insensitive to PC-internal EM radiation.

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Re: Audio interface manufacturers / products

Post by bhjazz » 20 Oct 2019 06:19

Tweak-O-Matic wrote:
03 Mar 2019 15:08

Next interface will probably be the Motu Ultralite mk4.
Question: if you use the MOTU, it appears the inputs are all TRS. Do you have custom RCA -> TRS cables or am I missing something about your setup? I suppose they could be easily built.

Many thanks!

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