Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

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Re: Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

Post by WBCarson » 18 Aug 2018 22:32

Sterling1 wrote:So far, best interface I've used for ripping vinyl is Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD. It has both line in and phono in RCA inputs. So whether you are outputting direct from turntable or from line out of preamp you are good to go. I record to Roxio's Easy LP to mp3 software, then create tracks and apply pop filter. I will burn this recording to CD and import CD to iTunes. With this procedure, iTunes will seek track titles from input of Artist/Album metadata, which precludes me from having to manually input track titles.
I use that too. I hook it USB to my older PC. I use VinylStudio to rip them over into FLAC. You can do the usual clean up in it as well. Its pretty good and i like it better than the Audacity. I listen to my high def on my PC using Foobar. With it i can convert tunes i rip over to what Apple demands because my daughter uses Apple. I dislike Apple so my personal player is a Astell & Kern AK Jr
I have done 33, 47 and on 78's i use a mono cart on my player.
I use an Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB. i bypassed the internal preamp and switch entirely and upgraded my RCA cables. My home system is all tube analog.

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Re: Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

Post by itsonu » 08 Apr 2019 13:40

Don't know if you are still searching. But i used the Soundblaster X-Fi HD, NAD PP4 and Tascam US-1x2. With all I had the problem that with loud records (12” records) the signal was too loud and resulted in flat signals (I hope you understand I’m not native English). Recently I discovered and bought the lADL GT40a: http://www.adl-av.com/products/usbdac/gt40a/, which has a switch to cut of the input signal with 6 or 12 db. So even loud records can be recorded decently. Besides this DA-converter the device also has a phono-input and a headphone amplifier. The first I don’t use because I’m content with my Graham Slee phono amplifier, The headphone is better than the output on my NAD amplifier.

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