Cartridge recommendation for DP-45F TT?

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Re: Cartridge recommendation for DP-45F TT?

Post by couldbfishin » 04 May 2019 02:51

Update- The Marantz receivers I have (2275, 2285B and 2325) all require a minimum voltage of 1.4 Mv from the cartridge. The Denon DL-301 MKII cartridge I just bought is a low output MC, with an output of 0.4 Mv. I am 63 years old and still learning.
So, now I am looking at phono preamps and SUTs. Of course, both cost more than the cartridge.
Live and learn. This is my first LOMC cartridge.

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Re: Cartridge recommendation for DP-45F TT?

Post by BlueHusky57 » 08 May 2019 19:48


I upgraded my phono preamp few years ago to Emotiva XPS-1, Gen 2, phono preamp. Believe I paid about $200, 5-6 years ago. It was an excellent move on my part. Immediately after setting up I heard a MAJOR reduction with the background noise from all my LP's. Note, my turntable is a Denon DP-35F, with a Denon 301 mk II, MC cartridge, all bought new in 1983.

I have since recommended the Emotiva to several acquinences, having only heard positive feedback, similar to my own experience.

While I was researching for a Phono Preamp, was overwhelm with the many choices available. That was until I read a comment from someone in a similar situation as mine. Which pushed me to check out the Emotiva, especially when I saw many additional comments all saying big improvement with reducing background noise of vinyl. Plus it didn't hurt, seeing many stating that they preferred the Emotiva XPS-1 over other options costing 2 to 3 times more. Good luck to you.