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Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 15 Aug 2016 04:41
by viperz
Hi all,
So I finally got my DP-45F recapped and running. It seems to have only one problem. The 33rpm/30cm lead-in position is off by ~1/2mm, very little.

Service manual adjustment instructions are totally confusing :(. Please help decipher them.

- place 30cm record on the turntable and set record size selector to 30. * Placed a record, did not set a record size, since it's for DP-35F, not 45F.

- move the arm, so that stylus tip is at approx 30cm lead-in position. * done
- Insert small flat-headed screwdriver into the lead-in adjustment hole. * done
- Move arm back and forth and fit the screw driver into the groove of the cam inside gently. * done

Now comes the confusion.

- After turning the screwdriver, pull it out once. *** When was I supposed to turn the screw driver and where?? Previous step said move the arm, insert the screwdriver into the groove???

(So wait, this should be done on a powered table, since I only powered up in the next step??)

- Press the start switch and adjust so that the stylus position stops at the 30cm lead-in position. *** WTF? Didn't you just tell me to pull out the screw driver? What do I adjust?

- (Note) - the 30cm lead-in adjustments cannot be performed unless the stylus tip position is approximately in the 30cm lead-in position (*OK). In addition, if the screwdriver is left inserted, the arm will move move. *** WTF again. You told me to pull it out?

Please help to clarify these instructions. Much thanks!

Re: Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 15 Aug 2016 08:47
by captmark
Ok- you were 90% of the way there...

Do not power up the turntable. Go back to where you have the arm over roughly where the record drops and the small flat blade screwdriver down in the hole and in the slot. While holding the arm turn the screwdriver at roughly 1 o'clock intervals-you didn't mention which way it was off but obviously one way sets the drop point in (clockwise) and the other out. this is a mechanical adjustment, not electrical, so there will be a little resistance but do not force it.

Do 1 o'clock, remove the screwdriver, power it up and test-make sure there's a record on the platter or it won't work at all. Also-little known fact, make sure the tabs on your platter DO NOT go in the matching holes on the platter-this actually keeps the 45 rpm/17cm from being seen... Put the tabs into the square cut outs on the platter and it will see the 45 record. Why they did that Lord only knows...

Anyway, repeat as necessary-also test the end-lift spot to make sure it is OK once you get the start drop point - the start and end locations on the 30cm/33rpm setting are linked together, so the farther out you drop the needle, the sooner it will eject at the end of the record and vice-versa.

As you probably saw during the recap, you are basically moving a slice of pizza wedge (shutter) sandwiched between LED lights and CDS photo sensors. When you reach the edge the shutter moves out of the way and the LED sees (energizes) the CDS sensors and activates your function (lift, drop) That shutter size is fixed.

Do the 30cm (12" setting) first, then check the 45 setting-but have your finger ready to catch the stylus if it misses and drops onto the mat. If that setting is off you can either tweak the 33 setting to get it right, or there is a separate sub-shutter adjustment... If you get to that point post back and I'll walk you through or it's on Page 11 of the service manual available here.

And so ends today's lesson :-)

Re: Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 16 Aug 2016 02:48
by viperz
Thank you very much for the lesson, captmark! Literally took 15 seconds with your instructions. Moved it by ~1 o'clock, and now lead-in position is right in the middle of the outer empty space. The end position is also perfect for 30cm. I have to find some 45rpm to try that size, but I only have a couple somewhere.

Now off to enjoy it. I want to swap AT95 cart on it to a spare V15 III, and see if Denon likes Shure :).

Re: Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 16 Aug 2016 03:21
by captmark
Glad to help- enjoy! M

Re: Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 11 May 2019 17:12
by chester319
captmark any chance you might be able to show a photo of exactly where this flat-head screwdriver needs to be placed in order to make the adjustment? I'm nowhere near as advanced at turntable maintenance as you guys seem to be and I seriously am not grasping some of the dialogue here. Either way, I appreciate any help that could be provided and thanks!

Re: Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 11 May 2019 21:28
by captmark
here you go

Re: Denon DP-45F - lead-in position adjustment confusion

Posted: 04 Sep 2019 08:01
by mschool
I myself took possession of a used Denon DP-47F yesterday, and was disheartened that it was shipped to me without a balanced tonearm and the lead-in setting not pre-adjusted. I purchased in Japan on Yahoo Auctions and my Japanese wife helped with initial tech support with the seller. The unit was advertised with a new DIATONE AMG-44 cartridge. Suffice it to say, the machine is incredibly clean all over. The tone arm would not drop down, so I had to re-balance it at 2 Grams. Then it was dropping just outside of the record. The seller told me to find the solution online. The service manual in English is poor, so I thank everyone on this thread for helping out. Indeed it is a "pizza slice" analogy, and my needle drops down at the lead in of the album and returns at the end. I have nothing else. I need to purchase an amplifier and will listen with headphones for awhile. All of my old records need cleaning anyway, but I have an excellent TT to begin a 40 year old hiatus from owning stereo gear.