Denon dp-60l arm keeps sliding out

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Ronen Kogan
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Denon dp-60l arm keeps sliding out

Post by Ronen Kogan » 21 Aug 2019 20:41

Hi everybody,

i've got a DENON dp-60l i got from someone who quit playing records.

several problems (propably interlinked):
a. arm does'nt press on the record.
b. arm keeps sliding out, mechanicaly - even when power is disconnected.
c. I have tried changing the weight position but something does'nt seem to work out - the arm is touched and the balance broken.

Please help.



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Re: Denon dp-60l arm keeps sliding out

Post by fscl » 22 Aug 2019 19:18

Download the Operating Instructions from the VE Library here:

Read through the operating instructions in preparation for LP play.

Start at Page 19 - 23 / 37 "Tracking Force Adjustment". Then go to pg 28 / 37 and follow "How To Play"

A. Have you set the tonearm tracking force correctly ?
B. Did you tighten the tonearm tube clamping screw ? See Fig 3 Abb. 3
C. If electrical, the service manual is in the Library so you can troubleshoot the electrical servo tonearm controls.

Watch this, skip to 4:00 for tonearm balance procedure:

Good luck


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