DP-60L acting like a crazy robot

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DP-60L acting like a crazy robot

Post by supersim65 » 25 Mar 2019 18:56

I was recently given a DP-60L in really excellent cosmetic condition, but not functioning properly. It's a beautiful machine, and everything on it is so well constructed.

Now, I know from reading some different posts that I'm unlikely to get much help over the internet for the range of specific problems these turntables have. But I'm going to share the symptoms first so that everyone can amuse themselves by imagining me, (a hobbyist with an excited look on my face and a new toy) sitting down to start logically troubleshooting one day, then feeling progressively more and more like a monkey trying to use a tin opener on a banana...
  • When switched on, the stop button illuminates, the 33 and 45 buttons sometimes very dimly illuminate and the strobe flickers. Sometimes the 'down' led flashes erratically.
  • If you press 33, lots of things flicker, the 'down' led pulsates erratically but slowly. Sometimes the table spins forwards at a non-specific speed which is not 33 rpm. All the buttons flicker like the strobe earlier or the stop button stays on. No buttons function anymore.
  • If you press 45, the table often spins backwards, at a speed that might be about 45 rpm. But it's difficult to tell because it's a little erratic. The buttons are as above, but the 'down' led flashes erratically rather than pulsates. Nothing responds to input anymore.
What I'm actually asking for help with though; can anyone recommend a procedure or any guides to start reconditioning this mad machine? It would be a shame to condemn it based on it's sarcastically complex electronic control systems.

So far, I've dusted out inside, checked for any obviously disconnected, dry or burnt things, and poked about with the optical lifting sensor to make sure it's in order. Seems to be visually so. I've also reviewed the service manual, which has not got anything helpful to say about crazy-robot mode.

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Re: DP-60L acting like a crazy robot

Post by Legrace » 26 Mar 2019 21:51

I would ship it off to a Denon service expert. What I did with my Dual 721. Some tables are so complicated that DIY attempt is ill advised.

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Re: DP-60L acting like a crazy robot

Post by d3non » 27 Mar 2019 05:51

Firstly wanted to say " congratulations" but after reading your story not sure if that's appropriate :)
I agree with Legrace and would forward it to somebody specialized in restoration of vintage hifi, who knows about Denon vintage turntables. He should be able to measure each item against manufacturer specs.
I would have all relevant capacitors replaced and the microprocessor checked whether working okay, all wiring and other electrical connections/ components checked and measured etc.
With a damaged microprocessor there would of course be no point of getting all the rest serviced. In that case you might want to use a donor-table as they're no longer manufactured.
Good luck!


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Re: DP-60L acting like a crazy robot

Post by fiddlefye » 03 Apr 2019 04:38

What system does the DP-60 use for reading speed? If it uses the magnetic strip like some other Denon models and it is damaged it might be causing issues.

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