Please advise on Denon DP-300F

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Please advise on Denon DP-300F

Post by CMartin » 11 Dec 2017 22:06

I am about to buy this turntable. But please, if someone can tell, besides changing a stylus and leveling the table and adjusting tracking pressure which I will do, of course, I have a question about a dedicated preamp:

if I turn-off its built-in preamp and use a separate, dedicated phono stage (for about $100-150), will I get a better sound from this turntable ?

Local audiophiles from a store where I buy used records, told me that a dedicated preamp will improve sound insignificantly, because the built-in preamp can not be completely bypassed. BUT, none of them own Denon DP-300F.

I know this is the case with some Audio-Technica turntables currently on the market, people will yank the preamp out, but is it true that the preamp in Denon DP-300F also can't be bypassed completely ? If it's true, and sound will not improve that much, I would rather settle on some semi-automatic without built-in preamp.

I would also use a piece of rubber foam under this turntable for better isolation.

I listen mostly chamber music, vocal jazz, classics, acoustic guitar records, and similar.

Now, if I do all of this; better stylus, dedicated preamp and isolation from vibrations with rubber foam slip mat, will sound be significantly improved ? Or insignificantly ? Or will it be dramatically improved ?

Thank you.

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Re: Please advise on Denon DP-300F

Post by drywhitetoast » 12 Dec 2017 04:34

Yes, a dedicated pre-amp improves the sound of the table.
I had this table for a few years and loved it with the Shure M97xe cartridge on it.

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