Connecting a Pioneer SG-9800 Graphic EQ and a Yamaha CR-1020

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Connecting a Pioneer SG-9800 Graphic EQ and a Yamaha CR-1020

Post by jimvinyldisc » 04 Dec 2019 11:33

Hi all, a bit of advice.
I am experimenting by mixing up some of my separates, to make sure I am not going to create any damage I thought I would throw the idea open to you lot first.
I have recently bought a Yamaha CR-1020 amp, love it, but wanted to add some more equalisation.
I have a Pioneer SG-9800 and wanted to throw it in the mix.

I have also just bought 4 x Bose 901's, one set mk3, the other mk4.
I am currently running one set 1 (mk3's) speakers through the tape loop on the amp at the moment, I was then intending to add the 2nd set with the Mk4 Bose specific EQ to run all 4 speakers. I had read that the Mk3 and mk4 EQ's were interchangeable, so I thought I'd try each to see if there is any sonic difference.

I then thought it might be interesting to add another EQ, I have a Pioneer SG-9800.
I looked at the connection setup in the manual for the 9800, it shows the EQ running through the same tape loop as the Bose.
To sidestep this...
Is it possible for me to connect the 9800 as illustrated...? on attached image below the left page is from the Yamaha guide and the right page is from the Pioneer.
If so, do I change the coupler switch from on to off?

Any thoughts appreciated...

kind regards, Jim
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