Old tube amp with wood "pc" board?

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Old tube amp with wood "pc" board?

Post by beeton » 22 Nov 2019 17:59

Purchased this awhile back as a fiend to my Microlabs TT and when I opened up to vacuum out decades of dust I discovered the "pc" board is wood. Not sure if this was standard manufacturing procedure back then but everything (mostly) works.
Connected my Toshiba TT via a pre-amp, connected the speakers to the 8 ohm screws and all seemed good, albeit not very powerful. The balance does not seem to work but that may be a hookup issue. There is one unidentified know, not sure what that does. Pots are fairly scratchy. The casing seems made to order as does the rear plate so this may not be a weekend build but a weekend repair from someones worktable. I did toy with the idea of rebuilding but too many other issues on the go. The transformer is very heavy.
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Re: Old tube amp with wood "pc" board?

Post by aardvarkash10 » 23 Nov 2019 08:29

looks to be an EL84 SE design. Expect 3W output at best, and only useful if matched to very sensitive, very flat measuring speakers. The wood PCB is, uuuuum, innovative and daring. Daring because any hint of high voltage tracking across it is a potential fire starter.

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