Tannoy Revolution XT 6F, any good?

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Re: Tannoy Revolution XT 6F, any good?

Post by Phil18 » 13 Jan 2019 20:37

I have a pair and been using them for 2 years.
Just be careful of amp.
I first used a Cambridge cxc transport together with their cvx 6 intergrated amp and the presentation was too forward for me.
I change to a Marantz Cd player and Arcam FMJ 38 and wow its a great sound.
I can certainly say the speakers are very good, just watch what you drive them with.

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Re: Tannoy Revolution XT 6F, any good?

Post by Kingokra » 14 Nov 2019 22:40

Hell yeah, they're good. In fact, they're great and you would be very hard-pressed to beat these for the money. Compared to most of you, I have a pretty modest system- Rega Brio amp, Rega Planar 1 with a Nagaoka 110 cart and these speakers. With careful shopping I was able to put this together for well-under $3k. It blows away friend's systems costing thousands more. Musical, detailed without being harsh or clinical, and damn fun to listen to. I cannot recommend these speakers highly enough. I doubt I'll ever have to upgrade - the sound is already amazing.