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Michell Gyrodec

Posted: 07 Mar 2004 14:05
by string
I bought a second hand Michell Gyrodec MKI with SME IV tonearm. I would want to find user/service manuals about this turntable. Can someone say me if there is possibility to download somewhere ?
Best Regards

Posted: 07 Mar 2004 18:00
by JaS
The best source for Gyrodec information is here:
(wait for the full page to load)

The user manual for the SME IV tonearm is in the library here, just login here at the forum and follow the link on the tonearm page (Acrobat 5 to view)

As far as I know there is no service manual for the Gyrodec but the Gyrodec page should answer 99% of your needs.