older michell syncro versus michell techno deck and rega p25

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older michell syncro versus michell techno deck and rega p25

Post by mr-malcontent » 27 Feb 2004 00:56

Have a standard michell syncro (spring suspended) in great condition with a standard rb 250 arm and goldring 1042 mm cartridge.

I have the itch to upgrade. In stanadard form how does this deck compare with new techno deck from the same company and the deck from rega, the p25?

Should i put my deck on ebay, on re invest in a new deck? or do the orgin live upgrades to the arm?

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Post by NeilM » 27 Feb 2004 07:08

I don't know your deck to listen to, but I would have said it is a better quality item than the 'entry level' Techo. I had a good look at one, while visiting the unimpressive Bristol Show, and I did not really think that much of it.

Regarding the arm. Minimum you should do is fit a new counterweight. I have an RB300 with the OL mod, and a standard RB250 which I recently put the Michell Techno Weight onto. The sound was immediatley tighter, brighter, with better separation, and much more drive. JaS has done a full review.

The P25 is ending production, and there are some utter bargains out there, one member got a new one for £399, his posting is elswhere on this forum.

New or old, it's the continual question. Do want a new deck, or do you deserve it :) I think you know you do.

Neil 8)

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Post by Minnium » 29 Feb 2004 00:14

I recently brought Michell TecnoDec with the VTA and the weight. I just love the Tecno weight. The VTA is just too high for any of my MM cartridges, I have to resort to use electrical cable connector (crimp?) to increases my Ortofon 510, anythings that light in weight. The results I have to say that it sounded great using my trusty Class A headphone system.
The TecnoDec uses the Grodec's bearing and the finishing is first class. Of course without the platter weight you properly miss out that weighty of music and solid speed. Sound is very clear and transient in music scale which I never hear before. I like it, very time I play record it just begs for a much better cartridge. Many help for a student? ( I do work for my money here).
Two improvements I noticed are use the motor housing at 180 deg. facing you to the left. This sounds more moother. Last thing is not using the techno weight fine adjuster at the end. I noticed this tube lenghth of alum . making the arm biasing forwards the right even without and bias applied.
I used to live in UK Bristol and have been to many hifi shows there. twice Michell never demonstated there entry level product. Last I remenber was Orb with £4000 cartridge and £8000 speaker and it was sounded fantastic.

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