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Question on a Pioneer PL-10

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Question on a Pioneer PL-10

Postby jazzwolf » 01 Mar 2005 19:12

I just bought a Pioneer PL-10 on E-bay and received it in VERY shoddy packing. It took me awhile to get the glue off the dustcover as the seller taped it to the base all the residue was on the base and cover. Instead of just unscrewing the counterweight he pulled it off and I had a devil of a time screwing it back to the tonearm! I just emailed him to give him a piece of my mind. It's a miracle that everything wasn't destroyed as he wrapped it in bubblewrap but then surrounded it with a little roll of newspaper. as soon as I saw the box I went Oh.. Oh.., I knew it was going to be an adventure. When the hell am I going to learn to leave E-Bay alone! Still wondering what type of feedback to leave.. Sorry about that I just had to vent. I currently have a Pioneer Pl-12D and notice that there is an anti-skating weight on the tonearm of my PL-12D but I don't see it on the PL-10. Is this normal? How would you compare the PL-10 in performance against the PL-12D?
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