DOA Pioneer PL-50L

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DOA Pioneer PL-50L

Post by tonykoser59 » 16 Oct 2019 00:40

Desperate need for help. I bought a Pioneer PL-50L. Long Story short. Unit arrived and will not power up. Refund not an option so I need to figure it out. Japan only model and all info is in Japanese.

Power switch checked good
I have checked the transformer. Good 38V ac output
Checked the rectifier, Good at 48vDC
Check the capacitor feed by the rectifier, Also good.

After that im lost.

Is there a comparable model that I can reference
Has anyone translated the manual
any good shop that can trouble shoot it

I really want to get this unit running, it is very nice and in great shape, well except it wont work

I #-o

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Re: DOA Pioneer PL-50L

Post by Erin1 » 16 Oct 2019 09:44

Sold to you as working or not working?

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Re: DOA Pioneer PL-50L

Post by nat » 16 Oct 2019 22:24

The owners manuals are in the library here, and there might be similar enough models with service manuals also in the library - you just have to look around.
Is it possible that the issue is as simple and obvious as the different line frequencies of Japan and the US (50 and 60 hz, I believe)? There must be some relatively easy adjustment or fix if that's the case since they seem to have sold the table in both countries. It might be in the instruction manual.

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