Pioneer PL-5 Tonearm & Anti-Skip Balance

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Pioneer PL-5 Tonearm & Anti-Skip Balance

Post by SECostley » 11 Oct 2019 07:53

I have the subject turntable and albums were playing fine on it for awhile. After not playing it for about 9 months, I can't seem to find the right balance between the tonearm and anti-skip to prevent the cartridge from skipping across the LP. I may have upset the balance during some cleaning. I've read the manual and have made adjustments for hours, but can't come up with the right combination.

I'm not sure what kind of cartridge is currently being used (I bought the turntable used. All I can tell you is that it has the number "206" on it.). The manual says it will accept any cartridge between 3 - 8 g. If the anti-skip only goes to 3, how can I use a cartridge over that?

Can the cartridge itself be the culprit behind improper play? Appreciate any suggestions.


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Re: Pioneer PL-5 Tonearm & Anti-Skip Balance

Post by Alec124c41 » 11 Oct 2019 13:36

The first thing to check is the tracking force.
Balance the arm by rotating the whole counterweight, so that the stylus hovers at the height of the record surface, arm lift down.
Without moving the counterweight, turn the dial on the front of it, so the 0 is at the top.
Now turn the entire counterweight to the recommended tracking force for your cartridge. Since you don't know that, try 1.5 grams.
That sets the tracking force properly, cartridge mass being taken into account.
The bias setting, or anti-skate, should be the same as the tracking force, for a start..


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Re: Pioneer PL-5 Tonearm & Anti-Skip Balance

Post by lenjack » 11 Oct 2019 15:00

If what Alec told you doesn't work, you may have damaged the stylus (needle) during cleaning. If so, you only need to replace the stylus, not the entire cartridge. What you are calling Anti-Skip, is tracking force.

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Re: Pioneer PL-5 Tonearm & Anti-Skip Balance

Post by nat » 11 Oct 2019 21:48

If the arm goes rapidly inward, the stylus tip is probably gone - they can get knocked out, or sometimes the adhesive fails and they fall out. In that case, skating is the only force acting on the arm - there is no stylus that is in a groove.
One other alternative, but more obvious so you probably would have noticed it, is the whole cantilever slipping out of the damper.

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