Show Us Your "Pioneer"

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Re: Show Us Your "Pioneer"

Post by NewOldVinyl » 05 Feb 2019 01:51

NewOldVinyl wrote:
04 Feb 2019 04:47 ... e=1280x858

This pic was taken in 1975 while I was stationed in Thailand. Pioneer TX-9100 Tuner, SX-9100 Integrated Amp. I believe the turntable is a PL-55D. One of the dumbest things I ever did was selling that stuff.

My first “real” hi-fi component was a Pioneer SX-525 Receiver. I loved that thing. It was my gateway into the world of good audio gear.
I incorrectly ID'd the amp as an SX-9100. It is of course an SA-9100.

Hey, it was 44 years ago! :D

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Re: Show Us Your "Pioneer"

Post by heek » 05 Feb 2019 16:09

here is my Pioneer "x420" full system =) years around '85!
we bought it without cd player, as you can see by the other cd player brand heh..
tape decks a little dirty, to tell an euphemysm, but i looked forward to show you the whole sys

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Re: Show Us Your "Pioneer"

Post by Brewman2 » 28 Nov 2019 22:13

Pioneer CTF 1000 cassette
Pioneer HPM 100 speakers
Pioneer SX 980 receiver

My parents purchased this system in the 70s.
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