Service Manual for the Pioneer PL-560 Uploaded

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Service Manual for the Pioneer PL-560 Uploaded

Post by RTM » 23 Jun 2018 14:23

I can't seem to get to that page without my being logged out, but I wanted to post that I uploaded the SM for the Pioneer PL-560 to the database. This (and its sister) site have been of enormous assistance to me over my years of collecting and restoration, and (considering the widespread calls for it to be uploaded on this and a number of other sites) it seemed like a good way to pay it forward a bit. I know it will be downloaded (and probably sold) by others, and that's okay. As long as there is a source for it that's not paid, it's the way of the World. Too many manuals (of all kinds) are being irrationally "hoarded" and that hurts, not helps the collectibility and marketability of the PIECES of gear themselves, which is, at least in my opinion, the most important consideration. I hope there are some fellow collectors that are assisted by this. If you have an OWNER's Manual for the KC version of the Pioneer SX-1080 and 1280 receivers, please consider uploading it on Best wishes to all.

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Re: Service Manual for the Pioneer PL-560 Uploaded

Post by rafahl » 08 Oct 2019 16:36

How do I download the manual?

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