New in box PL-12D?

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Re: New in box PL-12D?

Post by patrickblue » 09 Oct 2019 11:00

JDJX wrote:
08 Feb 2018 19:58
I has most like been used at one point bur evidently was very well taken care of.

For one thing this is the head shell that would have originally come with it.


BTW, I also have a 112D (in addition to my Thorens) that was also in its original packaging.
It was just about all pristine (except for a minor issue with the dust cover) but, it was evidently used but, also wall taken care of.

Anyway, nice find. :)
I bought my PL12D new from Comet at around the same time as this one, late 1973, and it had the silver SME type headshell as shown in the OP's pictures, although, as has been pointed out the H/S would not have come mounted on the arm, but packed separately in a cut out of the Styrofoam.
I don't remember having ever seen the headshell in your picture, but maybe that was used in the US market (although that's doubtful as all the used decks on Ebay in the US show the same H/S as the UK models) . The headshell shown in the OP's pictures was definitely the standard one that came with the PL12D in the UK.