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Crosley AC20 Record Cleaning Kit

Posted: 08 Dec 2019 01:13
by apastuszak
I was in Barnes and Noble today and bought this out of curiosity. They design the AC20 to somewhat loosely resemble a Discwasher brush. Unlike the Discwasher, the wood is very cheap and painted. The pad comes off the front and you can store your cleaning fluid inside the handle. ... L1500_.jpg ... SX679_.jpg

Now there are several Discwasher "clones" out there. RCA still makes a brush that calls itself a Discwasher, but is anything but. And the Groovewasher appears to be a nice brush that has a real wood handle.

The one thing these clones lacks is directional fabric. Discwasher's directional fabric allowed you to catch the dirt in the brush, and when used properly, did not leave a line of dust on the record, the way a carbon fiber brush does.

Well, I am happy to say the the Crosley AC20 brush does have directional fabric on it, like the Discwasher did.

So, if you're looking for a NEW record cleannig brush with directional fabric, the Crosley is a good choice.

Re: Crosley AC20 Record Cleaning Kit

Posted: 08 Dec 2019 02:33
by Analogd
I don't doubt it works fine but I couldn't bring myself to buy anything with the name Crosley on it !

Re: Crosley AC20 Record Cleaning Kit

Posted: 13 Dec 2019 20:00
by PioneerFan
It is a nice, well made brush, with a great handle. Surprisingly, the line of Crosley accessories is excellent. The best way to buy them is at Barnes and Noble, with coupons and a membership. I have two of these. I believe the "cleaning solution" is little more than distilled water.