Advise on deep cleaning records

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Re: Advise on deep cleaning records

Post by gcodrutv » 05 Nov 2019 16:02

Hi Tom,
The one I found is only 5mg/h, I presume is useless. They do have ones with 3500mg/h.
I'll try to set up the "cleaning" system in a bathroom.
Will set up the generator to run for 2 hours (maximum run time on the device) and place some small pieces of cardboard to hold the covers open.
The bathroom has a powerful extractor that can take out the ozone after the 2 hours run period.


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Re: Advise on deep cleaning records

Post by Johnps30 » 05 Nov 2019 20:40

vince1 wrote:
04 Nov 2019 13:13
Glad things are working out for you John. I'm not familiar with Griot rags, but if they are clean and used wet then you shouldn't have any issues. The Swiffer pads, on the other hand, are a bad idea. They contain mineral oil and leave the surface sticky. We did an experiment where we wiped one half the record with a Swiffer then dipped it into a pail of dust (the canister from a central vac system). When it came out, the Swiffer half was covered with dust that was difficult to remove whereas the other half just blew off. In your wet application, things might be different, but I wouldn't risk it.
Thanks on the Swiffer info. I was using it exclusively for application of FirstRv; I was using facial pads recommended elsewhere but was shocked by amount of lint. Recommendations on lint-free applicator? Could I just use a separate Shur pad? Finally, is there a DIY alternative to FirstRv and what exactly is its purpose - to break down contaminants not suited for the Ultimate wash? John

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Re: Advise on deep cleaning records

Post by Tombo62 » 05 Nov 2019 23:23

Hi Gabriel, Twenty years ago, they used to sell ozone generators as air purifiers, because they eliminated odours and produced a clean "after the thunder shower smell". Today, ozone is used in flood remediation in buildings to eliminate mold and musty odours and in auto detailing to remove tobacco smell and other odours. It is now considered unhealthy to breathe and I would advise you to research the health effects before using it. I am not an expert, but in general O3 (ozone) is unstable and will dissipate or revert back to O2 (oxygen) within 2 hours. If doing it in your bathroom, pump the O3 into a sealed plastic tub, keep the exhaust fan on the whole time, keep people out while it's on, reach in briefly to shut the O3 off and let the exhaust fan run for another hour or so before breathing the air. I may be overly cautious, but as they say, better to be safe than sorry. Do not ozone your vinyl. Best Regards, Tom