Tergitol vs PVA

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Tergitol vs PVA

Post by marcsloane » 14 May 2019 23:02

My current cleaning process, after much change over the years is now as follows.

1) Spray record with distilled water and gently wipe surface dirt off with microfiber cloth
2) with surface dirt removed, apply Titebond II and let dry until clear on both sides.
3) Remove 1 side of set glue followed by a spritz of distilled water and a gentle microfiber cloth wipe, which removes static. I repeat this on the second side.

After doing this i have really clean records that are static free. the problem is the time it takes to complete and for glue to dry.

How does Tergitol method (tergitol, distilled water, IPA) compare to glue? Asking anyone who has tried both. Thanks.

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Re: Tergitol vs PVA

Post by ripblade » 20 May 2019 19:20

PVA is the gold standard in my experience. If a peel doesn't fix it, it's broken. That said, I use a Terg based cleaning solution for routine cleaning where heavy hitting isn't necessary. In most cases it's more than adequate, especially when used with a vac based cleaning system.

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