DIY vaccum wand

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Re: DIY vaccum wand

Post by danik56 » 05 Apr 2019 16:22

I also stopped using the micro fiber to wipe the records. After the 2ed vaccum I let the records dry for 15 minutes on a dish drying rack, and I have not seen any dirt on the needle since.

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Re: DIY vaccum wand

Post by Jmoog » 21 May 2019 22:20

SSoundLtd wrote:
31 Mar 2019 14:51
Awesome! I have found that to be the case for me as well. I've seen some people wipe their records with microfiber car wash towels on youtube and while it doesn't scratch the record, I personally had problems with tiny fibers in the grooves. I could hardly get through a side of a record without having to clean the stylus.
I had the same experience using the microfiber towels. Sometimes I couldn't get through one song without the stylus getting gunked up.

Also for my vinyl vac wand I used strips of velvet. I bought a pack of adhesive backed velvet that is used for lining jewelry box drawers. 40 sheets for around $5, more than I'll ever use most likely. The strips seem to hold up well.