63 year old vinyl ...........

how clean is your house
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63 year old vinyl ...........

Post by kingpin1935 » 22 Mar 2019 16:10

Having recently bought a new Rega TT to replace my old Pioneer I dug out my copy of Elvis Presley`s first album from 1956.It`s a US copy on RCA Victor bought mail order from around 1957.
Gave it a wash in tepid soapy water before allowing to dry and running an Ixos carbon fibre brush over it.Looking thru a loupe shows no dirt or dust.
It`s been a while since I last played it but it played through faultlessly both sides sounding the best it`s ever been.When I last played it was full of crackles but I put it away and forgot about it

I`m sure glad I found Vinyl Engine for its wealth of info.

Bob Dillon
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Re: 63 year old vinyl ...........

Post by Bob Dillon » 26 Apr 2019 02:03

Neato ! That the record was bought by you originally makes it all the better.

I play the excellent sounding Kevan Budd mastered CD of this album and the Elvis Sun disc that Budd did. It's most of the Elvis that I need to listen to.

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