Anyone try Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping?

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Re: Anyone try Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping?

Post by billfort » 12 Jul 2016 21:56

Strange. Is the output of your phono stage straight into the pre-amp pretty close to the level of the DAC into the pre-amp or is it lower that way too? In my case, the phono-stage and all my DACs are pretty much at the same level into the pre-amp. I adjusted recording level in Audiogate to avoid any clipping (probably even more conservative than needed) and if anything, the recorded DSD seems higher in level that my DSD SACD rips.

Maybe the issue is the DSD to PCM conversion you are using - did you try recording to PCM with the Korg and playing back those rips?

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Re: Anyone try Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping?

Post by satie » 24 Dec 2016 04:31

Ray boy, I am going to guess that the Korg's input has to be set to something like -10 or even -20 db because the transient peaks off the vinyl are clipping the input stage. Your problem is a miscalculation on Korg's part. The procedure you employ to avoid overload dictates the output volume mismatch. Modern digital audio pro people forget that the analog standard for 0 db is an RMS value and you can record up to 20 db above it on transients, whereas in digital it would just be clipped and never show up in the recording. The tapes and LPs contain quite a bit of transient material above the 0 db mark so when you try to capture the entire signal without clipping the input on the korg nor the recording then you end up recording with the average volume down 10 to 20 db.. No fix for it.

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Re: Anyone try Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping?

Post by Roy Boy » 14 Sep 2018 22:28

I know it has quite a while since I posted on this...The only solution I found so far for this was the following...The only DSD128 files I am streaming to my Lumin A1 via Minimserver are the ripped vinyl files. So there is an option in MinimStreamer where I do the transcoding from DSD128 to PCM 24/384 to adjust the output gain. I added +8db and that seemed to help my situation quite a bit. I wonder based on the above post by Satie if I should boost by 10db.I am concerned about causing clipping and not sure how I can monitor that other than by listening...

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Re: Anyone try Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping?

Post by audionut » 27 Sep 2018 09:06

I have not used a Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping LP but there are other ways of ripping LP to DSD at relatively low cost if you own an IBM PC (not Apple). I use a Sony PS-HX500 turntable which records in pure DSD via a direct USB connection to an IBM PC which avoids any other acoustic or electronic interference. No other equipment is required for ripping to PC. I have upgraded the cartridge to an AT VMN 40 MP. But the most interesting point is that the Sony uses the same ADC chip as the Korg!

Noel Keywood, a highly respected audio engineer and editor/publisher of Hi-Fi World magazine in the UK has done a very thorough test of the Sony and a follow up of his discussions with Sony and the result seems to be that the Sony does NOT record pure DSD on a Mac. PCM is sent down the USB link and converted from PCM to DSD in the Mac using the Sony software.

If you use an IBM PC or IBM laptop pure DSD is sent via the USB link using the latest Sony software/driver. I think pure DSD is more 'analogue' using an IBM PC and recording from the Sony with Sony software and NO editing, so staying in pure DSD all the time.

If interested try and get hold of or download Hi-fi World magazine, Sept 2017, page 83 and Nov 2017, page 65.

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Re: Anyone try Korg DS-DAC-10R for ripping?

Post by adamgdansk » 16 Oct 2019 10:02


I would need a bit of advice for a dummy user of Korg DS-DAC-10R. Due to some practical (space, ease of use… and space….and permanent feeling of audionervosa to tweak my vinyl setup ‘again’ etc.) and more real-life reasons (financial also) I decided to downgrade and sell my record collection. I came back now to quite good quality CD player and also quite good AMR dac to use a streamer with. I found now that this Korg device may allow me to ‘archive’ at least some of my belowed records in a hd format and with potentially good vinyl-like-sound from digital ahead of selling them. So – just from a listener perspective a bit like ‘to eat cake and still have cake’. At least I hope it to be a win-win.
It is a heartache to let some of these records go - eg MFSL “Meddle” Pink Floyd or Japanese ‘The Wall’ or ClassicRecords pressings of Peter Gabriel etc. So I thought I would spend some time on digitizing these. I went through Audiogate manual and some info on the net – but I still feel very newbie and dummy here. I know from my experience with ripping my CDs that you get some experience over time and it allows you optimize your approach and also make it time-efficient. I would prefer to avoid errors with Korg as may not have my LP anymore in the future to re-digitize in better way.

What would be your practical advice as to step-by-step approach to get maximum sound quality – avoid sound issues, clipping etc. – and preserve in a format that will be handy in next 10-20 years (if that’s even doable). I thought I might digitize to best DSD possible now as ‘master archive’ but at the end I would like to also have a high quality PCM 124/24 version – so to get two versions of each digitized LP.

What would be your advice as to set up?
I have now two record players: 1) one is Sony PS-X70 + Ortofon Rohmann + GoldNote PH-10 phonostage and 2) good-shape Technics SL-10 with not-worn EPC310 mc cartridge. There’s a built in mc step-up in SL-10 turntable but I could also use separate Rothwell step-up to match to MM level for Korg. I could even use GoldNote. So plenty of source combinations to start with.

As for the set up of AudioGate hen recording what would your tips or suggestions be – in case you had a LP to digitize in your hand – what would be key steps you’d follow to digitize in optimized/best way? What to avoid? What to look for?

I understand that for now I could just ‘archive’ each side of LP as one DSD/PCM file and maybe later split into separate songs for ease of playing files – is that doable? I could not get a clear understanding on how to split 1 recorded side of LP into a couple of files/songs? Any guidance?

What is I want to record but keep both DSD and also PCM version? How ot do it in the easiest way?

If I digitize gapless LP – like eg TheWall Pink Floyd – how to split later into separate songs but mark them to be played gapless? Have you done that in Audiogate?

I know these are all dummy questions – I hope you can help a bit?