Ripping singles/45s questions

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Ripping singles/45s questions

Post by GaryG45 » 13 Oct 2019 17:01

I'm planning to rip my singles/45s that are in good condition and have a few questions.
When I ripped my albums obviously the album title was used for the album metadata tag. What do you use for the album tag on singles?

Another question concerns folder structure for my music library on my hard drive. The folder structure for my albums is:
Album 1(folder)
Track 1 (file)
Track 2 (file)
Album 2(folder)
Track 1 (file)

Where do you place the singles? I could place the track files in the artist folder or I could have a Singles folder with Artist subfolders that contain the track files for the singles by the artist. Is there a possible problem using either method? I realize the metadata(tags) are what my players use, and the folder structure isn't used by the player. Thanks for any ideas.

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Re: Ripping singles/45s questions

Post by Bonzo_Dog » 03 Nov 2019 21:07

When storing the files physically I use:

- yyyy single name
- yyyy album name

In metatagging I use Album-tag for 'single name' like this:

- title (if present)
- title side A/title side B
- single

This way the tracks will show up by release year in the digital player.

You could perhaps add [single] after the title name so it's easier to distinguish if the title also appears on albums. I often to this to denote discrepancy from the "normal" for my digital files.

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