Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

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Re: Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

Post by WBCarson » 18 Aug 2018 22:32

Sterling1 wrote:So far, best interface I've used for ripping vinyl is Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD. It has both line in and phono in RCA inputs. So whether you are outputting direct from turntable or from line out of preamp you are good to go. I record to Roxio's Easy LP to mp3 software, then create tracks and apply pop filter. I will burn this recording to CD and import CD to iTunes. With this procedure, iTunes will seek track titles from input of Artist/Album metadata, which precludes me from having to manually input track titles.
I use that too. I hook it USB to my older PC. I use VinylStudio to rip them over into FLAC. You can do the usual clean up in it as well. Its pretty good and i like it better than the Audacity. I listen to my high def on my PC using Foobar. With it i can convert tunes i rip over to what Apple demands because my daughter uses Apple. I dislike Apple so my personal player is a Astell & Kern AK Jr
I have done 33, 47 and on 78's i use a mono cart on my player.
I use an Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB. i bypassed the internal preamp and switch entirely and upgraded my RCA cables. My home system is all tube analog.

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Re: Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

Post by itsonu » 08 Apr 2019 13:40

Don't know if you are still searching. But i used the Soundblaster X-Fi HD, NAD PP4 and Tascam US-1x2. With all I had the problem that with loud records (12” records) the signal was too loud and resulted in flat signals (I hope you understand I’m not native English). Recently I discovered and bought the lADL GT40a: http://www.adl-av.com/products/usbdac/gt40a/, which has a switch to cut of the input signal with 6 or 12 db. So even loud records can be recorded decently. Besides this DA-converter the device also has a phono-input and a headphone amplifier. The first I don’t use because I’m content with my Graham Slee phono amplifier, The headphone is better than the output on my NAD amplifier.

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Re: Whats The Best USB Audio Interface For Ripping Vinyl

Post by rkay5 » 10 Dec 2019 00:39

What are you gaining by using the USB interface?

The first thing is you get the ADC away from the noise of the computer power supply. Also, most ADC have there own power supply, not the noisy computer power supply and just a better ADC. I have RME ADI-2 Pro and it does both ADC/DAC up to PMC 768KHz DSD256. Playback and recording are both great. I'm very happy it was worth every penny.

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