Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by ChicagoCollector » 05 Apr 2017 16:09

Oops, forgot the preamp in the main system, Nad c162....running strong and so transparent I forget it's there!! I'm very happy with the sound of this system, lets me listen to music and not equipment. No upgrades for awhile, 'cept I have been eyeing an icon audio 1.2 phono pre at a great price......:)

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by Chat_noir » 30 Apr 2017 23:14

HiFi main system

- Pro-Ject 2 Xperience DC Acryl cartridge Ortofon 2M Black (& Ortofon 2M Silver delivered with turntable as a spare)
- Thorens TD166 MKII Cartridge Shure M111E
- Pré amp/DAC-ADC ADL/Furutech GT40 Alpha
- Amp Yamaha A-S1100
- CD-SACD player Denon DCD 1520AE

A/V system
- amp Yamaha RX-A3050
- Blu ray/4K-SACD player OPPO UDP 203

Speaker system
-Main Triangle Antal EX
-Central Triangle Voce EZ
-Rear Triangle Heyda EZ
-Sub Triangle Thetis 280

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by mtfirn » 11 May 2017 21:25

pro ject debut 2blue
peachtree 150 se
speed box s
pro ject tube box ds
b&W 685 s2
2x B&W 608 subs

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by BanditV » 01 Jul 2017 16:22

I'm pleased with my modded RPM1.3 (Acrylic platter & Vinyl Stabilizer and Gold platted Silver tonearm wire)
Also like the built and sound of my SpeakerBox4!
In a day i will buy the SpeedBox for my TT

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by yarvelling » 01 Aug 2017 22:36

Taken delivery today of a very basic Pro-Ject Primary turntable. Finished in white.
I had a Pro-Ject Debut a couple of years ago, and wasn't too happy with it.... the steel platter ringing, and the slack in the arm bearings..... but this one, with the stock Ortofon Om5E cartridge, and MDF platter just seems to work!!
The sound is very clean, with nice transients, good pace, and a rhythmic performance that neither favours bass or treble... just cleanly extended in both frequency ranges!
I did enjoy very much, the sound of the Ortofon Super OM10 as supplied with the older Debut deck, and this OM5E has a similar characteristic sound...very 'clear', and with excellent tracking capabilities - some of the records I've tried have turned-out to be more warped than I'd realised on other turntables - the MDF platter is flatter and more true than the platters of other decks that I've used, including the Rega RP1 and AT-L120, and various other vintage turntables!! Or so it seems...... anyway.... the Ortofon tracks the records with no issues noticeable... ;-) I should also note that although I like the sound from the Rega Carbon cartridge supplied with their RP1, P1, and P2 turntables, (albeit an AT91 with Rega 'tweaking'?), I personally prefer the bigger, brighter soundstage of the Ortofon.... it seems to have more control and detail of the bass, and is far more extended, 'open' and 'airy'/'spacious' sounding in the upper midrange and treble.

I would say, that even on my somewhat short hearing of this Primary turntable, that is a great deck for someone just coming to vinyl, or maybe someone returning to the hobby, and not wanting to spend a lot of money.. ;-) This Primary, so far, is playing back so much info from records, in such a way, that not even the Rega played them back.....detail is suddenly there, transients are suddenly there that had been smoothed over before.... it's a very revealing turntable!
A great deck all round... Pro-Ject have it got it right with this one.... perfect for a beginner, and great for an upgrade from the likes of an Lp120......... and none of the problems that I found with the older Debut that I tried a couple of years back ;) This is easy, yet dynamic, listening, with sparkling new details coming through!! Great for me, listening to rock, pop, and jazz......

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by yarvelling » 04 Aug 2017 22:13

And after a few days now of living with the 'Primary', I can only echo my earlier comments...... this table sounds lovely! So much more detail than I ever remember hearing before, and in such a 'clean' and spacious feeling way..... Vocals sound natural, and the 'T' and 'S' sounds that often cause sibilance problems, are just coming across crisply and naturally.... as though the person was there performing, with none of the electronics/groove-induced sibilant distortions! Lovely! :)
For the small retail price (Amazon UK), this has to be just about the best 'budget' turntable available! And below £200, it's amazing!! I prefer this to the Rega RP1, and the AT-LP120 - it's just so much more open and natural sounding....
The combination with the Ortofon cartridge just works.... I love it!! :)
Throughout the years, I've grown-up with records... from old Philips stereo 'portable' with ceramic cartridge, to later Ferguson Music Centres with BSR ceramic equipped players - thanks Dad ;) Later through Rega Planar 3 (early 80's), and later, a Logic DM-101 w/Mission 773 arm, and AT30E MC cartridge.... and I'm finding this Pro-Ject Primary with Ortofon combination to be as fun, engaging, and detailed as any of those really good decks from the 80's/90's...... :)

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by JazzWave » 07 Aug 2017 08:58

Hi, I'm nubie
Expected this weekend my Debut Carbon DC (2M Red) and Schiit Mani Phono will arrive.
Planning to pair with my DIY SET300B amp and Spendor S3/5R speaker.

I hope my amp with tube RCA5962 red base can control Ortofon 2M red be more "polite"

Wish me luck


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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by sl1411 » 08 Aug 2017 21:18

My (mini) chain: Technics sl-1411, Ortofon Quintet red, Project Tubebox DS2 and Quad L12 speakers.

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by JazzWave » 13 Aug 2017 05:33

My DC and Mani arrived yesterday, set up turntable by follow instruction in Youtube.
Set 1.8 tracking force for 2M red, connected to my tube amp...and the result disappointed.
The sound is flat (in bad way) no dynamic, loose the low and high...hmm something wrong with my system chain.

I decided to change my tube amp with solid state (DIY), play Diana Krall (180gr, Verve). .... the sound suddenly open, good Low and High. In midrange, Diana's vocal well defined. I'm happy with the result, hopefully will better after 50hours burn-in time.

Pro-Ject DC-Schiit Mani- DIY Solid State amp- Spendor 3/5R

Cable from stock Pro-ject DC and Acoustic Zen IC.

When set up the DC, incidentally the fishing string pulling out from anti skate weight . Not easy to put back the string ,so I decided to change the string with sewing thread..:). So far working well.

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by willboy » 01 Oct 2017 20:42

After 25 years of sterling service my much loved Rotel RP-855.RB300 has died a death. I've just replaced it with a Xperience 2 Classic in mahogany. Still have the odd tweak to try, but pleased with what I'm hearing so far, and it looks lush to boot.

Here's my current set-up......

Pro-ject Xperience 2 Classic with Hana EH coupled to a DIY sandbox support.
Rothwell Simplex MM phono stage.
Kenwood 3020SE integrated amp.
Castle Richmond 3i stand mount speakers/ DIY fully welded (very heavy) stands.

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by roriol » 01 Oct 2017 22:48

Pro-ject Debut turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue, through a Pro-ject Tube Box S into an Outlaw 990. The two main speakers are Aperian powered by Outlaw Mono blocks, the sub is Outlaw.

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by T0mm1 » 20 Oct 2017 22:19

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit DC turntable
Ortofon 2M Bronze pick up
Arcam rPhono Riaa stage
Hegel H100 integrated amplifier
System Audio Mantra 60 speakers

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by marty2be2000 » 27 Oct 2017 07:48

I started out with Pro-Ject back in the early 2000's when I got a Project Debut 2 and a Pro-Ject MM/MC preamp.

Today I still have that deck, but its currently retired in its box under the stairs, instead I am running.

Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB, with factory Ortofon 2M Red, this is plugged directly into my 1980s Memorex STA-2380 100W RMS receiver from Tandy (Remember them) which has it's own phono stage.

I also have a Audio Technica ATLP120 (No longer USB) which I have gutted the pre-amp circuit from, so the AT95E cartridge is now connected directly to the output leads. This turntable is connected to the same Memorex Receiver, via the original Pro-Ject MM/MC preamp and into the Aux input.

I Also have a Pioneer PDM-6 CD Changer from the mid 1980s which I've had from new (The first consumer CD changer ever available), A Sharp MD-R2 Minidisc Recorder, a Sony MDS-JE440 Minidisc Recorder and a Technics RS-B555 cassette deck.

Speakers, I am currently running Cambridge Audio SX-280 floorstanders connected the Memorex receiver.

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by CarbonArm » 06 Nov 2017 17:11

I'm new to the site and didn't see any new user introduction threads so i thought this would be as good a place as any.

Project RPM-3 with Sumiko Bluepoint No.2 cartridge
Emotiva: XSP-1 Preamp
XPA-2 Gen 2 Amp
ERC-3 CD Player
XDA-1 D/A Converter
Carver Sonic Hologram Generator - Modified / Upgraded
KAB RF-1 Subsonic Filter (Arriving later this week)
Monitor Audio Silver 2 Speakers
Two Paradigm Sub Woofers.

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Re: Pro-ject poll: What's your system?

Post by AdlerW » 15 Nov 2017 21:46

Just got my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC today. I got it in yellow.

I'm planning on replacing the 2M Red with a 2M Blue, getting the acrylic platter, and a cork mat. But even without those things, the turntables sounds excellent with my Schiit Mani preamp and Schiit Magni 2 headphone amp (and Sennheiser HD 599 headphones).

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