Debut Carbon DC - Playing Too Fast

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Debut Carbon DC - Playing Too Fast

Post by matty007 » 26 Sep 2019 22:44


So I recently acquired this table used, but in very good condition, and mostly I am very very happy with it.

However, it appears to be playing too fast. I have used RPM apps on my phone (not the most accurate method I know) and it is giving me readings of 33.50-33.55rpm. Before it was giving me 33.60rpm but I changed the belt in the hope it would get it close to 33.33, only to get .5-0.10rpm improvement.

Now I know that this isn’t the most high end table but it is certainly rather good and has a DC motor. I would have expected it to be very close to 33.33, if not bang on it. Sometimes I can hear the added pitch in records, sometimes not. However, I know it’s playing fast and that’s what’s annoying.

Even my crappy LP60 I got to a speed of 33.34 with minor adjustments. Obviously this has no speed adjustment, but given the DC motor, there must be something causing it to play fast?!

I have noticed that on the motor pulley, the belt does not stay in the top spot. When spinning, the belt slips down to the bottom of the 33rpm ring. It’s hard to explain, but there is two indentations for the pulley on 33rpm. One is for 50hz, the other for 60hz. As I’m in the UK, it should be 50hz, which is the topmost indentation. However, it’s like the belt is too thick to stay in here, and slips down to the bottom indentation upon spinning. Could this be affecting the speed?

I would really like some advice on what causes this and a possible fix. I know it’s not a massive speed error, but it’s certainly significant and enough to make my perfectionist brain weep. I would even be happy to get it under 33.40

Thanks everyone

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Re: Debut Carbon DC - Playing Too Fast

Post by Bluesnote » 27 Sep 2019 01:51

Looking at the RPM database for the Debut Carbon, it seems they all run a whisker fast. The worst submitted 33.66 and best 33.35 with the majority around the 33.45+ mark.

I'm unfamiliar with the Debut Carbon so can't offer a solution, is there a way you could add something to the pulley to stop the belt slipping down?


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