Dual 1229 Garage Sale Find

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Dual 1229 Garage Sale Find

Post by stevekirks » 25 Jun 2012 03:24

First post on V-E. Been lurking a bit since I was given a CS-505-3 a few weeks back. Now I'm in trouble because I found a Dual 1229 at a local garage sale for the low price of $1.

-No base or dust cover
-Tonearm bent but otherwise intact
-Power cord cut off near the motor
-Headshell in shambles

I have pics but am writing this from my iPad so no way to upload thm yet.

Considering the list above as a basic starting point, is it agood idea to restore this? I'm good with mechanical stuff and the work doesn't intimidate me. Just curious if I'm going to be happy with it when I'm finished.


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Re: Dual 1229 Garage Sale Find

Post by gg383 » 26 Jun 2012 04:52

You could spend $150 to $200 OR MORE pretty easy restoring this unit, depending on how you wanted to do it and what quality of cartridge you wanted to use. For a buck I'd pick it up and either part out whats left or save it for parts on a future 1229 that you may find!! 1 fountain soda = 1 parts machine!! Glenn.

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