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Stuff found for sale, f/a

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Stuff found for sale, f/a

Postby Etnier » 01 May 2012 13:33

Maybe a Sticky? Links to Rega-related items of interest which show up for sale or at auction...

People have been talking about P5's lately. This one showed up today (overpriced)... ... 00-tonearm
What's a micro-fibre plinth, LOL!?
Rega RP6 plinth / TTPSU, Audiomods Series Five arm
Groovetracer delrin platter & reference sub
Tangospinner double pulley, Herbie's IsoBalls
Shelter 501-II / Soundsmith Level II
Threshold FET ten/e line and cartridge preamps
Essence cables, Threshold S350/e, Yamaha NS1000
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