Acrylic Platter sounds better?

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Post by 13oots2 » 12 Jan 2011 21:06

Glass or acrylic is purely a preference to each individual, I would guess Mr R.G prefers ceramic to both of them but it isn't cost effective for lower cost models.

Thicker heavier acrylic platters will have better speed consistency than thinner ones, I have an acrylic platter with 6 machined weights each weighing 100grams. This gives far more inertia with far less slow down on difficult passages than a standard acrylic platter.

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Post by HBA » 13 Jan 2011 10:02

As already mentioned in this topic, before changing to an acrylic platter, I would try the Herbie´s Audio Lab Mat. It is just wonderful. I have never heard a Rega with acrylic platter, however, based on your opinions, with the Herbie´s mat you can get similar kind of improvement, spending less money. In additional, the Herbie´s Mat can be used in acrylic platters ( A friend of mine has bought one to be used in a VPI and loved it )

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Re: Not convinced at all about acrylic platters sounding bet

Post by PMBroadhurst » 13 Jan 2011 14:40

Stephen_Scharf wrote:
Most importantly, the glass platter/felt mat sounds more *natural* than the acrylic platter.
Several years ago I bought a P2-2000 with the "chip board" platter and did several upgades to it. The last one I did was to replace the platter with an acrylic platter, but I cannot remember the make. I figured pretty much anything must be better than the chip board!

My findings were almost identical to Stephen's. Yes, the chip board sounded better.

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Post by thumpin » 19 Jan 2011 09:26

My Groovetracer Platter out performs the original P3 platter no doubt at all.
All the upgrades to Rega TT's are suttle and become quiet personal to most owners. Some changes need a little time to sink-in and can require some other setup adjustments before each ones ears are happy with what they are hearing.
Very few aftermarket upgrades that are fairly cheap for this area of audio is going to give you a "night & day" change for the better :shock:
I would describe the upgrades as cleaning up the edges on the manufacturers design. A bit like tuning your engine to achieve closer to what the manufacturers claim in the spec's :wink:

I also get some satisfaction fiddling with changes to setups and I am always willing to hear anyones ideas or theories :D

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Post by accelor8 » 21 Jan 2011 10:50

i have a p3-24 with 2m blue and compared to the dual cs505 it replaced was not that impressed,at first.soundstage grew on my favourite albums but not much a groovetracer subplatter and got cleaner,more focused sound with more detail from my tweeters and more silent background.3 months later added franks acrylic platter and the same changes are x5 with much more upper range stability.the glass b****r wont be going back on.i like it very loud with deep purple,black sabath,acdc,led zep etc hope this helps