SL55B - Auto Spindle

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SL55B - Auto Spindle

Post by ACDelcoSc » 27 Oct 2019 23:53

Hello All,

I have a SL55B inherited from my grandfather's estate whic I want to refurbish...even if for only sentimental value.
I have done my homework...there was a query about this exact same thing (except it was a single disc spindle) and yes, I know I have to (basically) break it all the way down, degrease and clean, then regrease and reassemble. That's not a problem...I am very mechanically inclined.

Problem is the auto-spindle. Not coming out. No way, no how. I can't figure out what's retaining it.
I know for a fact this turntable has never been touched by anyone in terms of prior repair.

I'm not going to beat on it; I am hesitant to apply heat (I can use a soldering gun), but I am concerned what might be damaged by that heat.

I did download the SL50-series manual. It simply says "pull up".

I also need to pull the platter off; the rubber mat is glued in place. From what I see in the manual, there is some form of a lock ring under the mat. It certainly doesn't come off when I lift up on it.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks (in advance)

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Re: SL55B - Auto Spindle

Post by A70BBen » 29 Oct 2019 17:26

Apply heat with a soldering iron. That will soften the lubricant that has dried out. Solvents don't penetrate enough. A paint stripping heat gun will work but it's heat won't be as localized. A hair blow dryer on High might or might not work...if it's what you have, may as well try it as there would be no risk of any damage though it will take much longer. I would remove the platter and heat the centerpost from the outside, moving around it as you go. This will also expand the centerpost which will help. Once you get it so it is too hot to comfortably handle, use a towel to grip the spindle, and pull it out. The only mechanical retainer is the circlip which has to come off to remove the platter. On an SL55 there is a decorative trim ring surrounding the center spindle, retained by a groove in the platter mat. If the mat rubber has aged, it may crack when you pry out the decorative ring. But once you remove the decorative ring, the platter circlip will be revealed. It gets pried out over the beveled edge of the centerpost.

There is nothing in proximity to the centerpost that can be damaged by the level of heat you will probably use. At the bottom of the platter sleeve is a rubber O-ring, probably hardened and perished by now. It is easily replaced. The platter thrust bearing itself has a nylon cage holding the bearing balls but it doesn't melt until way above the boiling point of water, and you should be pulling the spindle out before that.

BSR changers had stuck spindles much more often than Garrards. I did this often.

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