Sl-7 Disassembly Problem

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Re: Sl-7 Disassembly Problem

Post by amit46 » 26 Sep 2019 08:50

I have technics linear tracking turntables models: SL-DL5 (two) and Sl-5 apart from Pioneer PL-L55....
I noticed after complete servicing the units with recaps and some changes.....the players tone arm motors where responding after 3-5 turns of the platter....It was quite clear that the small dc motors permanent magnets had become weak after 35 years..........
I bought some good quality DVD drive motors very similar to the original technics motors from Aliexpress for couple of dollars each.
After replacing each unit with a new arm motor.....the linear tracking movement came alive and was moving the carriage just after half a turn of the LP.
Using a TEST LP I found that the linear trackers sailed through all test tracks....
I am using Audio Technica AT311EP cartridge with a Shibhata Stylus.........
The sound is amazing....both my speakers have bi-amping done with superb reproduction of sound.
These turntable will beat the most expensive pivot arm turntables hands down with practically zero distortion and excellent tracking...

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