technics sl-d202 turntable speed calibration

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technics sl-d202 turntable speed calibration

Post by staticult » 24 Nov 2003 19:52

I own a technics sl-d202 turntable (c. 1981) and I was wondering how to calibrate the speeds. It has a pitch adjustment dial on it to fine tune the speed so I can get it dead on, but when I switch from 33.3 to 45 I have to then readjust the pitch rather drastically. I know one can align the two speeds (I have set up other tables, but never a direct-drive with pitch control), but I am not sure as to where the little calibration adjusters (screws?) are on my model; I know often they are on the bottom (but not on mine).

I found what I think are the speed calibration adjusters (two holes, an inch apart, and with notches that would accomodate a small screwdriver) on the top of the unit under the platter, but am hesitant to fiddle with them without knowing for sure (they are not marked with 33.3 or 45 as I have dealt with in the past).

If anyone knows anything about my table or has advice, please reply.

Thank you.

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SL-D202 speed adjustment

Post by 1unc » 10 Dec 2008 20:23

Hi.. did you determine which of the 2 screws is 45 and 33? I'm adjusting speed on an SL-D202 right now, and having same problem.. I can adjust the 2 screws under platter, and get 33 rpm accurate, but if change speed to 45 rpm, have to readjust pitch control.. cant get them in sync.. please let me know what you did? thanks,

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SLD202 Pitch Calibration

Post by lagedean » 15 Jan 2011 03:02

Take off the rubber mat and you will see two big holes on the platter. Turn the platter so one of them faces the 33 switch. You should then see two screw holes under the plater hole, their the pitch adjust , the one closest to the bottom of the chassis is the 33 (and obviously the other one is the 45). Now how I done it was first of all, try and get the actual pitch control dial as center as you can (guess work). Then lift up the tone arm with the cue function and move it so the platter spins (leave the arm up). I normally start with the 45, what you want is the 45 stobe light dots(50hz top set 60hz second from the bottom) to be standing still, to do this you need to stop the platter gently by hand where the pitch adjusts are and use a small phillips screwdriver and adjust +/- till your happy. Do the same with 33 and keep switching between speeds untill both sets of dots are standing still without having to adjust the pitch controll! Good luck

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Re: technics sl-d202 turntable speed calibration

Post by jritchey5072 » 06 Jul 2019 20:51


I watched a youtube video to find out how to clean the pitch control, but still could not get the pitch adjusted. After reading your post, I was able to accurately set the pitch.

Unfortunately, I must have touched something when I had the bottom open, because now the tone arm won't return from the center after the record finishes playing. It was working before.

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Re: technics sl-d202 turntable speed calibration

Post by Alec124c41 » 07 Jul 2019 04:31

Do you have the service manual? ... d202.shtml


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Re: technics sl-d202 turntable speed calibration

Post by AsOriginallyRecorded » 11 Jul 2019 03:15

Pay particular attention to the order that you adjust the speed settings. As stated in the manual that you should always consult first.....thanks Alec! Ignore at one's own risk! Cheers!

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