Longevity of Technics suspension

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Re: Longevity of Technics suspension

Post by chgc » 30 Jun 2019 23:21

Even better than thinking... just go over to the turntable and push down on the platter. You're right, of course.

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Re: Longevity of Technics suspension

Post by Luxman78 » 12 Aug 2019 17:59

lenjack wrote:
29 Jun 2019 20:30
I'm wondering if the problem is the suspension, after all. I say this, because many of our member have similar type suspensions as yours, but I'm not seeing any other similar complaints. Time to look elsewhere, perhaps?
Yes!! Once again I have to admit hitting a dead end. I took it to a shop - no problem with platter/suspension/stator or anythig I suspected...

I'm back to square one. It seems that my AT-VM95E is not the best match for the 11g mid mass tone arm. But I couldn't tell this when I was buying the Audiotechnica cart because of those damn Japanese numbers for compliance. My brain is already boiling, I've been loking for some type of conversion calculator to understand WHAT I actually bought.

The only info I found is here:

Where it says that since jap no is at 100Hz you should multiply it by (get this) 1.5 - 2 Now this is really casual way of multiplying. It could mean the difference between "yes, good" and "it's a no go".

Also I can't find how to convert these numbers into μm/m N

The majority of cartridges available around here are marked in μm/m N, so I don't know how to choose what I need.

Our calculator and tables here are in "n x 10-6" but at 10Hz

Do we have some calculator or table that translates one numbers into the others? This is really p*****g me of right now...