Trading Rules - please read BEFORE posting as advert

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Trading Rules - please read BEFORE posting as advert

Post by JaS » 01 Apr 2013 11:26

The following rules relate to trading in the classifieds section - please read carefully BEFORE posting in this section as any post that infringes the rules may be removed without notice. Gross violations of the posting rules may lead to account closure.

Private Sales Only
The forum is intended for private individuals to start for sale/wanted/swap threads for used items. Items for sale must be privately owned by the seller.

Trade members or those selling new items/items for profit are not permitted to post advertisements and are asked to find a suitable venue elsewhere.

New Users
Users with less than 10 forum posts may not post classified adverts

Private individuals can advertise their unwanted audio-related items here free of charge.

All Items Must be Priced
To prevent classified adverts turning into mock auctions, all items should be available and have a stated asking price.

Posts marked 'interest check' or without an asking price may be deleted. All price negotiations should be at or below this price (not including postage/paypal fees).

The exception to the rule are links to auctions on ebay. If you are a private seller and don't have a fixed price then you are permitted to link to an ebay auction where people can bid on the item.

Use of all Capital letters/special characters etc in headings and or posts to attract attention to a post is not permitted. Headings should be a simple description of the item being listed.

Item descriptions should be honest and accurate.

Any images should ideally be of the actual item for sale - if library pictures are used it should be clearly stated in the description.

A link to an individual ebay auction of a private sale is fine, but the item must meet the other criteria for advertising on this site, and full details of the item should be included in your forum post.

This section is provided for visitors to advertise personal items, it is not intended to act as a link page advertising items elsewhere. Links to classifieds sections/adverts/auctions on other sites (other than eBay), or to lists of items for sale on other sites are not permitted.

Trade adverts
This section is for private sales only - trade adverts are not permitted. If you are a trader and wish to advertise on the site please check the advertising link at the bottom of every page.

Bumping and multiple posts
Advertisers should avoid excessive bumping or opening multiple threads for the same sale item(s). Duplicated posts will be deleted.

Only normal trading dialogue should be posted in the classifieds section - you should only participate in a classifieds for sale/wanted thread if you are genuinely interested in participating in buying/selling the item. Posting general comments will be considered spoiling and may be removed at the request of the thread starter.

Contact Details
Do not share contact details such as your email address, home address or telephone number in any post - this should be done via the personal messaging system only. This applies to sellers and potential buyers. Such posts may be edited/deleted at the discretion of the moderator.

Seller Beware
If accepting cheques, proceed with caution, and only ever accept the correct amount. One scam currently in operation is to send a cheque for a much greater value than the sale price, and then to provide a commission for cashing the cheque.

Buyer Beware
While most sellers are honest and trustworthy problems can occur. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for transactions that may take place as a result of contacts made through our site. You are advised to proceed with caution to protect yourself and to avoid disappointment.

Marking Items as Sold / No Longer Available
When your classified item is sold add a post to the thread stating that it is sold/no longer required as applicable. Expired adverts will be archived.

engine room
engine room
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Re: Trading Rules - Trading Rules - please read BEFORE posting as advert

Post by JaS » 04 Nov 2013 08:27

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