Audio Control C-50A Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

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Audio Control C-50A Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

Post by bmos » 06 Oct 2014 04:10

Microphone NOT included! [-X

AUDIO CONTROL C-50A Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
spectrum analyzer in real time. Displays on an LED display the music signal output from a device or widespread in the environment. Equipped with microphone for measurements in ambient and pink noise generator incorporated.
Display: 101 LEDs divided octave
Output: 100 mV pink noise generator / 680 kOhm, 100 mV / 150 kOhm

This Audio Control Audio/Room Analyzer was one of two models
available from the company in Lynnwood,Washington. The unit has solid oak
side panels with no scratches or significant nicks. It is in a metal case. The front
display is scratches or dents.

  • Analysis Selection Button:program or tape
    Power on
    Function:Level (Acts as a VU Meter)
    RTA (Real Time Analysis)
    Meter Range Button:4db or 2db
    Display Action Button: Slow/Fast
    Input Level knob with center 0 calibration
    Frequency ranges surveyed on the front panel from 32db to 15.5k.
    Meter Display is green LED for center reference and red LEDS
    tracking frequencies or SPL.
    On the back: Microphone Input Jack 1/4"
    Pink Noise Outputs: 2 RCA Jacks
    Receiver In & Out RCA Jacks
    Tape Recorder IN & Out RCA Jacks
Careful Packing with bubble wrap. shipping
CONUS only. No return. The unit is fully functional and cosmetically
a 9 of 10. Set this unit up, hook up the mic, hang it near your
listening chair, and adjust your Equalizer and Balance controls for
optimum listening pleasure.

Thanks for looking. Make offer or willing to barter towards balanced headphone amp.

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