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SME Series III Reviews

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SME Series III

SME Series III

9/10 by arctica

Have a 3009 series 3, mounted on a Technics SL 150 Mk2 and fitted with a Shure M97xe and a JICO SAS stylus- compared with my Rega RB 300 the soundstage is wider and more detailed, tracking is superb and the music beautifully crisp and clear. I'm a very happy man listening to this!

7/10 by drjjpdc

I had mine on a Kenwood DD KD-600 with a van den hul mm-1 cart. The reason the III is maligned is because it was made over a very short period and only works with those very light tracking carts of the late 70s to 80's. Besides my VdH, I also had an Adcom crosscoil MC cart that sounded great.

8/10 by joachim59

I am running a SME Series III on a Denon DP-1000 with a AT-F7 , and find total Bliss! Talking about bang for the bug! ;-)

5/10 by vmd254

Have the SME Series 3 mounted on my TD160 Super,with SME 30H armwand and ortofon 40 stylus. Absolutely love it.

10/10 by HaroldNotTheBarrel

The best SME ever did, seriously just think of the S-shaped very rigid ultra light 4.5 grams titanium-nitride teak & silicone damped, with wide range compliance cart fitting tonearm from the Golden Age. Very simple knife-edge vertical bearing & counterweight anti-skate device.The highest quality/price ratio anyway. Easily fits the fuzziest MM´s. Especially rich nuanced sound on mids & highs.

10/10 by Quiras

The SME Series III sounds wonderful. I think is the best arm in the SME range (sonically).

9/10 by meharding

sme s 111 s .A much maligned arm. For some reason gets bad reviews. Having owned one for 10 or more years, this is a brilliant arm. On my Linn Sondek it plays superb. I can play it with any cartridge, shure v15 type 111, Audio technica 440 mla, But believe it or not my favorite cart is a Nagaoka mp11. For some reason this cart does everything right, and sounds great, better than all of the above and as cheap as chips.......

10/10 by Marcel58

Owing one for thefirst time now, mounted on a Technics SL 150 with a Goldring 2300 cartridge. Sounds simply wonderful and very engaging. So many people say this tone arm is rubbish; I think it 's a wonderful arm. I also own a Stanton 881S and plan to try it after i replaced the worn stylus.

5/10 by imusic

My SME 3009 III played with the Micro Seiki BL 51... and played very very well with a van den Hul cartridge... good old staff..

5/10 by max130

still a good arm but the development went further....
The 3009 III played a Denon DL 103 satisfactory for over 20 years! That match worked much better than people said.

But desire grew and the DL 103 was replaced with a Benz ACE and this cartridge exposed the weaknesses of the arm. It was not possible to get completely rid of distortion and the sound was strained - in comparision with the SME 310 which is a huge improvement.

9/10 by bertiesme

Well made and easy to set up-superb detail when used with the right cartridge

9/10 by flavio81

Simply great. Easy to set up, and made some previously meh sounding records sound totally pleasing (in a good sense), probably because of its neutral sound and excellent tracking.

9/10 by pivot

Nice to setup if a bit time intensive.

Somewhat picky about cartridge matching, tends to work best with very high compliance cartridges. Slightly soft sound that can tame a slightly aggressive cartridge.

Later CA-1 arm tubes not only have changed geometry but sound better too.

SME-IIIs sounds much the same but lacks lateral ballance and rack and pinion adjustments.

5/10 by abril

Beautifully made and easy to set up,but rather lacking in fine detail and impact.

8/10 by satanfriendly

Beautifully constructed and a pleasure to use. Cartridge compatability issues though and a little on the 'gentle side' sonically, but makes up with wonderful detail.

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